2020 Festival Official Rules


  1. All students participating in an ensemble must be from the same school. All-star ensembles from the same district or ensembles comprised of students from more than 1 school in a district will be allowed to perform in the “non-competitive” category.
  2. All ensembles and individuals must be registered by a school director or school official to ensure that the students are in “good standing” with their school and also to ensure that the school is aware of the students’ participation. This includes the “Pop-Capella”, Jazz Vocal Solo, Solo Jazz Piano, and Jazz Composition Categories.
  3. Schools may have more than 1 ensemble in a category, however they will not compete in the same division. For example, if a school enters 2 Instrumental Large Ensembles, the school’s “top ensemble” will be placed in the correct division based on the school’s student population.  The school’s second large ensemble would be placed in the next division lower.  If there is not a competitive division lower, the second large ensemble would be placed in the non-competitive division.
  4. If a school has more than 1 ensemble in a performance category, each ensemble must be comprised entirely by other (different) students. The only exception would be in instrumental ensembles where the student is playing an entirely different instrument in each ensemble.  There are no exceptions in the vocal categories.
  5. All self-reporting of school information, ensemble information, and individual information must be truthful. Ensembles or individuals reporting inaccurate or false information in order to gain a competitive advantage will be disqualified and not allowed to participate in future National Jazz Festivals.
  6. All rules and regulations of each ensemble and individual category must be followed.